PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pat Gillespie, the former Business Manager for the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council, talked with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his opposition to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Gillespie believes Trump is a fraud and con man.

“I think Donald Trump could be characterized, back in the 30’s there was a great movie that came out, it was called ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and that’s Donald Trump. You have to look behind the curtain and see what his career consists of. Granted, he apparently made a lot of money, although he caused, in my industry anyway, a lot of problems. He was famous for short paying contractors and then we would have a problem with contractors making their proper pension payments and other obligations that they had contractually with people because Donald Trump would try to get them to settle for 75 or 55 cents on the dollar.”

However, Gillespie also said Trump will make a formidable adversary in the general election because of his media savvy.

“What people are trying to do, take a sober, honest look at who Donald Trump is, and he has been, you have to give the devil his do, and that’s a pretty accurate assessment of Donald Trump, you have to give the devil his do. The guy knows how to manipulate the public through media, even the brightest folks, and took down some pretty smart people.”