By Suzanne Monaghan

by Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s college graduation season and many recent graduates are hitting the pavement looking for jobs. But Philadelphia may not be the best place to start that career.

According to a recent report from Wallethub, Philadelphia is among the worst places to start a career, coming in 142 out of 150 U-S cities. Analyst Jill Gonzales says choosing the right city to start out is a critical decision.

“Not only when you’re looking at professional opportunities, professional development within your chosen career field, but also just quality of life-are you going to be able to afford and live off of that salary that you’re making,” Gonzales explained.

The study looked at 17 variables including employment opportunities, unemployment, and cost of living.

You might not want to end your career in Philadelphia either. Another Wallethub study finds that the city is among the worst to retire.

“When you’re looking at living on a smaller income, when you’re just starting out or a fixed income in your retirement, that’s really hard to get around,” said Gonzales.

The research found the best city to start out is Salt Lake City, Utah.