By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In an overly exuberant moment a few years back, I declared that The Office was a better show than Seinfeld. Listeners got me to see the error of my ways and helped set me onto a road of redemption. The road and my journey ended Friday night in Reading.

For my birthday, my son Luke had gotten tickets for the family to see Jerry Seinfeld perform at a performing arts auditorium in Reading. Seinfeld has morphed from observations on single life into someone who now sees the humor in being married with three kids. He was spectacular.

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His observations on technology, happiness, and Reading were classic. He performed over 80 minutes and then came back to take questions from the audience. I was in the balcony but someone in the front row nailed it when she asked what was his favorite episode. He first told us that he did 180 episodes and it was hard to judge but the marble rye was probably his favorite. That was disappointing because it’s not even in my top five.

My fifth best is The Dealer. In this episode, George tries to help Jerry buy a car but ends up doing a candy lineup because of his dispute with a mechanic.

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My choice for number four is The Marine Biologist. This episode captures the essence of George’s lying persona. The ending centering around a Titleist golf ball is classic Seinfeld.

For number three, I like The Soup Nazi. I had Larry Thomas in studio and hearing take me inside his scenes was fascinating.

In the second position, I have a very controversial choice. I thought the Seinfeld finale was beautifully done and it brought many of our favorite characters as a part of the trial.

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The clear winner for me is The Opposite. George decides his instincts are all wrong so my doing the opposite of his instincts he’ll succeed. When he says this theory is now his religion, it has a wow factor for me.