PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell further explained his apology for an attack leveled at Donald Trump’s bullying of women in the presidential campaign.

Rendell told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that his rebuke of Trump was clumsy and he should’ve avoided discussing people’s appearance.

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“I was making a point, but I chose a really stupid and insensitive way to try to make that point. What I was trying to say is that a majority of people have some qualms or some sensitivity or self image problems about the way they look and I have said I started losing my hair in my late 20’s and I’m very sensitive about it for me and for other people. I think we’re all a little sensitive about our looks. For Donald Trump to attack someone based on looks, as he did with Carly Fiorina, was not a very smart thing to do because there are more of us who have qualms about the way we look than those of us who are satisfied with the we look. I did it in a stupid and insensitive way and if I offended anybody, I sincerely apologize and I do.”

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Rendell, who also serves as Chairman for Katie McGinty’s Senate campaign, said she was correct is criticizing his comments.

“They were right to say what they said and I don’t have an quarrel with them saying what they said. As I said, I’m the hardest person on myself because I generally don’t do stupid things. I don’t do insensitive things. I think my relationship with citizens has always been good and I think I respect everybody. That comment didn’t reflect it.”

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