By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Days after frustrations boiled over in Nevada, questions are being raised about how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters will get along at the DNC in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia police say they’re going to be working closely with event organizers to prevent any possible issues. They also pointed out that part of their job will be protecting protesters and their rights.

For a place to crash there’s “Bernie BNB”, and in the case of arrest, a list of attorneys willing to represent supporters of senator Sanders free of charge.
It’s the occupy DNC movement and it’s headed to Philadelphia.

“We expect a lot of people whether it’s 10,000 or 100,000 whatever it is,” said Bruce Carter, founder of Black Men for Bernie.

The goal is to defend the democratic process during the Democratic Convention. It’s a right those in support of Sanders feel was breached during Nevada’s democratic convention– that resulted in what party officials called “disruption and violence”.

Roberta Lang, the Chair of the Nevada Democratic Party has been essentially stalked by phone, and has had to endure unacceptable feedback through violence and intimidation.

“I hope you burn for this,” one threat said.

It wasn’t quite the “bern” this group was feeling.

Sanders supporters gathered by the Love Statue to denounce violent protesting.

“We are a little bit upset with what was going on in Nevada representing us as violent group,” said Karen Chamberlin.

“If you are really following Bernie, and you are really about the movement, you won’t bring violence,” said Carter.

Party unity seems like it may be the real fight come July.

“A lot of us do not feel comfortable with the Democratic Party and the way they orchestrate themselves, so we will leave the party and take our party with us,” said Bill Taylor, a Sanders supporter.

There are many people who hope that will not be the case. In a statement the Democratic National Convention said in part,

“We are confident that our long-term planning and unprecedented partnership with the Philadelphia Host Committee and the City of Philadelphia will ensure that the Convention runs smoothly and that there are opportunities for every voice to be heard…”

Alexandria Hoff