HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A bill that would relax Pennsylvania’s stringent liquor laws for this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has made it through the state Senate.

The action is not unprecedented. The same kind of exemption was granted in 2000 when Philadelphia hosted the Republican National Convention. Businesses hosting DNC events would be eligible for a “National Event Permit” from the Liquor Control Board. Among the perks: booze could be served past 2 a.m., and would not have to be purchased at State Stores.

Jennifer Kocher, the spokeswoman for Senate majority Republicans, says it just makes sense given what can happen when people from all over the country have to deal with Pennsylvania’s complicated liquor laws.

“They felt that they may have been targeted if those laws were then enforced,” Kocher said. “So what we do, for those four days, we just relieve some of those stressers.”

The special DNC liquor loophole bill passed the Senate Wednesday and now goes to the House for consideration.