PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ed Rendell floated the possibility that Hillary Clinton may choose Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown as her running mate to take on Donald Trump in the presidential election this fall.

Rendell, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Brown seems like an ideal pick.


“I think Sherrod Brown is a very strong potential candidate for two reasons. One, because of Ohio. Ohio is a crucial state. If the Democrats win Ohio, they basically win the presidency. They can win the presidency without carrying Ohio, but if they carry Ohio, it pretty much locks it up. Secondly, Sherrod Brown is a very known and well thought of progressive, but he’s a progressive who’s supported Hillary Clinton. So, he’d be acceptable to the Clinton faction of the party. But, his progressive credentials are very, very strong.”

However, he pointed out that with the Senate potentially returning to Democrat control next year, Brown’s seat may be too valuable to risk giving up, even if it means taking the White House.

“That’s the downside. If the Democrats wind up 50/50 in the Senate after this election is over, if Sherrod Brown were the Vice President…Governor Kasich would appoint a Republican to make it 51/49. That’s the downside and that’s something that the Clinton folks and Secretary Clinton will have to weigh.”