By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There may be a big raise on the way for the CEO of the Delaware River Port Authority and many of its workers.

The DRPA board has voted to increase the salary for CEO John Hanson from $180-thousand to $219-thousand.

“I characterize that almost not as a raise,” said DPRA chairman Ryan Boyer. “When he moved jobs he was the CFO, he got more responsibilities, more subordinates and he didn’t get a raise then.”

Boyer says Hanson is now set to make as much as his predecessor.

“We are prudent we are not giving out overly generous packages,” he said. “We’re just giving people what they deserve so we can retain our talent.”

During Wednesday’s meeting, the board also voted to raise the pay for three of its unions that represent toll takers to train operators.

Both issues are now headed to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He will decide whether to pass or veto them.