3pm- Liberal insistence on criminal justice reform could impact the presidential election in a big way. 

3:15pm- A Los Angeles meteorologist is forced to “cover up” during live TV broadcast.

3:50pm- Could Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown be Hillary’s Vice Presidential pick?

4pm- Despite a Washington Post report stating the contrary, Donald Trump says that Marco Rubio is not being considered as his VP pick.

4:20pm- Ohio Governor John Kasich announces he won’t run as a 3rd party candidate.

4:30pm- Daryl Hall, of Hall & Oates, stands up to reporter when pressed about cultural appropriations. 

4:45pm- Congressman Randy Forbes (R., VA) claims that Iran’s treatment of abducted U.S. soldiers is far worse than originally expected and that the Obama administration is currently withholding key details.

5pm- The Supreme Court has decided to send an Affordable Care Act case, involving contraception and religiously affiliated non profits, to a lower court.

5:30pm- Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriend, Rowanne Brewer Lane, says that she was misquoted in what amounted to a New York Times hit piece.