PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Delaware Senator Chris Coons discussed trade issues in an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, pointing out Donald Trump has broken with traditional Republican orthodoxy by coming out strongly in opposition to free trade.

Coon’s was a bit surprised by Trump’s play to attract voters in a move that is out of step with the traditional GOP stance on trade.

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“I do think there is a broad anger or concern among the American people of all parties about trade and about globalization. They’re unhappy about the number of manufacturing jobs that were lost in the 90’s and the first part of this century. They’re unhappy about the lack of progress, in terms of income, and it’s quite a U-turn for Trump, as the all but certain Republican nominee, to take an anti-trade position. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress have supported free trade bills, really more often than Democrats, particularly pro-labor Democrats who have opposed international trade.”

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He also addressed a bill he is co-sponsoring that would protect the intellectual property of American businesses.

“Trade secrets are stolen from American companies each and every day and it costs us tens of billions of dollars. We have a little mom and pop company in Delaware called DuPont, just about 200 years old, they had a major case of trade secret theft they brought to my attention. They manufacturer something called Kevlar that’s used in the bullet proof vests that protect our troops and our law enforcement officials and the secret to how to manufacture it successfully was stolen by a Korean company. It’s very hard under the previous law to go after them. You had to get the US Attorney and the FBI involved and the federal government had to pursue it as a criminal matter. The individual company couldn’t sue as a civil matter. That’s the problem this fixes.”


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