PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Senator Pat Toomey’s Senate race against Katie McGinty is being viewed as the race that could decide control of the Senate.

I think Toomey is someone who should be backed for being outstanding in representing common sense conservative principles. He is rock solid on protecting law enforcement against outrageous attacks, digging deep on issue after issue that affects taxpayers, and being someone who consistently represents Pennsylvania in a thoughtful manner.

In normal times, Toomey would be a prohibitive favorite against an opponent that supports sanctuary cities, the soda tax, and will be shown to be woefully weak in debates against Toomey. These are very different times due to Donald Trump. Toomey has told me that Senator Marco Rubio was his first choice to be the nominee and then he supported Senator Ted Cruz. He also told me that he will support the Republican nominee.

It’s true that Toomey is not going to be leading the charge for Trump but to me that is not a reason not to vote for him. If we lose the Senate, it will be very difficult to get Trump’s agenda through. It should be easy for people to vote for Trump and Toomey or if they don’t choose Trump to still support Toomey.

It will be very interesting to see how outfits like the Philadelphia Inquirer treat Toomey. They praised him on gun issues because he took a good bit of heat from his conservative base on his proposals that they viewed limited gun rights. The paper’s editorials praised him as sober and courageous. He is still the same Pat Toomey.

In addition to my call to remember to support Toomey, recent polling indicates that Pennsylvania might be in play for Trump. Issues like illegal immigration and trade agreements that have been bad for Pennsylvania might propel Trump to victory in Pennsylvania. I hope it also helps Pat Toomey.