By Pat Loeb

by Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Low-income senior citizens in Philadelphia can now get discounted internet service, thanks to some hard bargaining by city council.

Comcast has launched the program, five months after agreeing to make it part of its new franchise agreement with the city, and it’s easy to apply for.

This is an expansion of Internet Essentials, which Comcast says has connected more than 24,000 local families for about $10 a month.

Regional vice president for community investment Bob Smith says he doesn’t know how many seniors will use the service, but only 25% of seniors with incomes below $30,000 dollars a year have home broadband and, with Philadelphia having one of the largest senior populations among big cities, the potential is great.

“The non-profits who are working on digital literacy and broadband adoption issues in Philadelphia are excited about the program and think it will be very popular with seniors,” said Smith.

You can apply by calling 855-848-6348. There’s also an application online at