By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

AMBLER, Pa. (CBS) — After three and a half years of dating, Judy Tudy and Figero tied the knot on Saturday.

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“The wedding was outstanding,” said Judy.

Paul and Judy (credit: Christine Littell)

Paul and Judy (credit: Christine Littell)

The local clowns met on as Judy Seidel and Paul Figueroa, but quickly discovered they shared the same passion for clowning and making children laugh.

They knew it was fate on their very first date at Peace Valley Park.

“I took a quick turn coming [into the parking lot] and my magic fell over,” Judy recalled, who has been a clown for over 30 years. “I told him something fell over in my car and I had to pick it up.”

She usually didn’t tell her “matches” that she clowned for a living– and certainly not on the very first date. But with Paul, date #14, she had no choice.

“We went around back to the car and I said, ‘well you might as well guess what I do.’”

“When I guessed I was just so excited because I had clowned at my church before but I didn’t know you could make a living being a clown, explained Paul who is a mailman in Newtown. “I was just totally impressed by her that she was a clown which was exactly the opposite reaction that she ever expected to get from one of her dates.”

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Judy had previously been married for 24 years and since she met her first husband when she was just 18, she consulted a dating book that suggested 30 dates would help her find the “man of her dreams.” Her screen name was “JudyLovesToLaugh.” Paul’s was coincidentally “LookingForMyPrincess14.” Needless to say, Judy didn’t make it to her 30th date.

(credit: Christine Littell)

(credit: Christine Littell)

Their wedding on Saturday at First Presbyterian Church in Ambler was a long time coming. Wedding arrangements had been made for two prior dates that unfortunately fell through. Then this past February Paul had a health scare, prompting Judy and Paul to become legally married so Judy could speak for him while doctors were trying to sort through his medical issues.

The ceremony held at their home in March was small, but Saturday’s ceremony and reception to follow at From the Boot restaurant was far from it!

The couple was joined by “Cutie Tudy,” “Eddie Spa Getti” and “Bryan Bo Byan”– Judy’s children who have also clowned with her at children’s shows or volunteered with her at charities like Ronald McDonald House. Judy’s grandchildren, including her granddaughter clown “Beauty Tudy,” as well as Paul’s daughter Alexandra, were also in attendance joined by their extended family and friends.

Judy Tudy and Figero the Clown were there as well — as cut-outs that guests could get their pictures taken with.

Judy and Paul are currently soaking up some sun on their honeymoon in Clearwater, Florida and they’re looking forward to a summer filled with clowning when they return to Pennsylvania.

Judy and Paul clowning around

Judy and Paul clowning around (credit: Christine Littell)

“I’ve just kind of gotten my feet wet now but I’m kind of jumping into the pool this summer,” said Paul who has teamed up with Judy’s clown business. “Over the last couple of years Judy has worked with me and has taught me things; she made my outfit herself–she’s a great seamstress.”

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“He’s fabulous. He’s great with music, he’s a puppeteer, a magician, he does the balloon sculpting… and he just makes me laugh all the time,” said Judy.