By Melony Roy

by Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s latest exhibition aims to take visitors on a journey through Africa.

With “Creative Africa,” the Philadelphia Museum of art is celebrating African art and design with five distinct exhibitions, ranging from fashion and photography, to architecture and centuries-old sculptures.

“It’s a really great opportunity for people to see a variety of African art, past and present,” said program coordinator John Vick.

(credit: Melony Roy)

(credit: Melony Roy)

It’s designed to acquaint visitors with the diverse styles and functions of African art through the act of close looking.

The centerpiece of the show is called Look Again: Contemporary Perspectives on African Art.

It’s a collaboration between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Penn Museum– which is home to one of the world’s most important and oldest collections of African Art.

(credit: Melony Roy)

(credit: Melony Roy)

“With that presentation of historical art, we then spun out from that a number of exhibitions that were looking at what contemporary artists and designers are doing on the African content today,” said Vick

The exhibit features ‘Three Photographers/Six Cities,’ which looks at modern photographic work being done throughout Africa. Visitors can also explore the world of fashion and textiles at the Vlisco exhibit and immerse themselves in ‘The Architecture of Francis Kere: Building for Community’

Look Again is curated by Dr. Kristina Van Dyke.

Creative Africa opens Saturday and runs through September 25th.