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James Paul, a Senior Policy Analyst at the Commonwealth Foundation, criticized Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf for breaking with President Obama regarding their stances on charter schools.

Paul, while speaking to Talk Radio 1210 WPHT’s Dom Giordano, said he is puzzled by Wolf’s obstinance on school choice.

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“Typically, you would expect Wolf and Obama to see eye to eye on most issues, whether it’s taxes or spending, social issues, the environment, they are usually in lock step agreement. But, there’s really a contrast when it comes to charter schools. Obama recently recognized…National Charter Schools Week and has been generally supportive, while Wolf, throughout his entire term in office, has been consistently hostile to any form of education that doesn’t fit his one size fits all approach.”

He said that the Governor has made it clear that charter schools have no place in his plans for the commonwealth.

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“Any support for charter schools is not going to be tolerated by Wolf. He has proposed two state budgets that have advised deep cuts to cyber charter schools while, at the same time, increasing funding for traditional district run public schools.”

Paul said Wolf is locked in on his commitment to the public school system and will not consider any alternatives.

“He favors putting limits on how much charter schools can hold in their reserve funds, which are essentially rainy day funds. He has done numerous other things in York and in Chester Upland to, essentially, get in the way of transitions to charter schools in favor of his preferred education status quo.”

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