By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A popular Philadelphia café is making changes to its much adored menu — and adding a kick to its drinks.

La Colombe Fishtown is known for its breads, pastries and coffee. But now they have coffee-infused rum and specialty cocktails made from rum that is distilled on site.

“We wanted to have a menu that reflected our committment to the bread and the baking,” said John McGrath, the executive baker at La Colombe, “but also kind of a different environment that we’re cultivating at night.”

McGrath says they’re adding pizza, hummus and an array of desserts to their Friday and Saturday evening menu.

“For the night menu, we wanted to make it a little more refined, a little more upscale, still very accessible, but kind of reflect the shift in mood,” he said.

McGrath says if their menu is a big hit with customers, they’ll expand it to other days throughout the week.