HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — A spokesman says Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf plans to veto a bill that would de-emphasize seniority as a factor when public school teachers are laid off.

The bill will be sent to the governor as the result of a Senate vote Monday afternoon.

Republican Ryan Aument says the measure would include teacher performance as a factor to be considered in teacher layoffs.

“Seniority remains an important component, but not the sole factor,” Aument said. “Dispelling the crazy notion that the only way to measure a teacher’s value is by how long they’ve worked in a school government system.”

But Philadelphia Democrat Vincent Hughes says disrupting procedures already agreed to by collective bargaining will have a negative impact.

“It will only add to the havoc that already exists,” Hughes said. “And no one in this body can say that there is full order that exists within the teaching and the learning environment that exists within the School District of Philadelphia or most distressed schools.”

The Senate voted 28 to 22 in favor of a bill. A spokesman for Governor Wolf says the governor opposes the measure and plans to veto it when it reaches his desk.