I love the name – a salute to the swine and the bovine. Love the logo, too – a mix of a pig’s and cow’s head. I am a fan of the barbecue, whether the source be pork or beef. And I especially love the fact that this truck travels with the smoker right on board, puffing out reminders to the nose and eyes of the joys of outdoor cooking.

12 Food Truck Review: No. 48

Alas, the Oink and Moo was good, but by no means exceptional. We sampled the brisket – two sliders, topped with cole slaw and sauce. Sad to say, the beef was a bit overdone and dry. The better choice proved to be the pork sliders. The meat on those babies was close to perfect, soft and delicious. Great slaw, decent BBQ sauce.

The Oink and Moo also has two standing restaurants, one in Philly the other in Florham Park, N.J. Spies tell us their chili is outstanding. You can follow them on Twitter at @OINKandMOObbq

Score: 85/100

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