By Jan Carabeo

By Jan Carabeo

BRISTOL Twp., PA (CBS) – Imagine driving down the road and a brick comes crashing through your windshield.

That’s exactly what happened to three truck drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Police are now looking for those responsible for putting lives in danger.

It happened on the Oxford Valley Road overpass in Bristol Township, Bucks County.

It was in the eastbound Turnpike lanes where one driver says it felt like it was raining rocks.

Damage demonstrates how this could’ve been deadly. A broken mirror here, a cracked windshield there, and a gaping hole in the driver’s side of a tractor-trailer.

John Wagner says, “I just heard a big crash and glass went all over me, all in my face and everything.”

Wagner is just one of three truck drivers recovering today after their vehicles were hit by rocks and bricks Thursday night.

Police say someone was throwing the items off of the overpass and onto the busy Pennsylvania Turnpike.

“As I was driving I saw all of them coming at me. All I see is hands and a bunch of rocks. They just threw them over. They were just coming at me like it was raining rocks,” says Torrance Bonner.

Bonner drove underneath around 6 p.m. He was pelted by rocks. Just five minutes later, two more drivers were hit in the same location.

Police say this time they were hit with bricks too.

One of the bricks pierced a windshield and set glass and debris flying.

The driver was taken to the hospital with cuts to his face.

Fortunately, no one was killed, but these drivers know firsthand this could’ve ended much differently.

“The rocks come at you so fast, you really have to react fast. It could’ve been a really bad pileup back there if I didn’t hold on to my steering wheel and keep it straight,” Bonner says.

Wagner adds, “Kids don’t realize you could kill somebody.”

State police have not yet made any arrests. Anyone with information is asked to call 911.