By Jay Lloyd

By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Popular Peddler’s Village, a Bucks County landmark for over half-a-century, is seeing a renaissance that blends tradition and lifestyle changes.

Peddler’s Village has become an oasis of the familiar with a youthful vibe in festivals, food and ultra-unique shops.

“Safe, serene that drives a nostalgic appetite for festivals.”

Terry Ward is the guy who guides a renaissance that even influences the flavors at the newly reopened gem of a restaurant, Earl’s New American, where chef Bill Murphy has a simple philosophy.

“I want good food that is locally sourced and is going to burst in somebody’s mouth.”

I like the village as a base for overnights at a classic inn to  explore New Hope and regional attractions. You won’t need a guide. Hospitality Honcho Richard Slutter says, just ask the staff.

“A lot of our work force live directly in the area.”

Peddler’s Village – it never gets old.


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