PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, discussed his support for Hillary Clinton and defended the trading relationship his nation has with the United States

Fox, during an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, described his apology to Donald Trump for slurring him last year and why he thinks Hillary Clinton will make a great President.

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“I did apologize because I’m humbled, not like him, who is just stubborn. I am always promoting compassionate leadership and that’s what I see in Hillary Clinton. She is a compassionate leader. She is a loving, tending, and caring mother. In her job in politics, she also is an honorable lady. You can be strong and be aggressive, but you’re going to offend people like he has done.”

He doesn’t think Trump has a firm enough grasp on global economics to lead world’s largest economy.

“I think there is a lot of misleading information. I think that the way this guy Trump has made his campaign is with total economic ignorance and people are buying that without being conscious of what it means. Trade is a win-win situation. By trading, both economies gain jobs and gain income and drive the quality of life in those nations.”

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Fox championed the close relationship between the US and Mexico, comparing it to other relationship the US has around the globe.

“Through NAFTA we created the largest trading balance in the world. Yes, it does have deficit to the US economy of $50 billion. But the US economy has a deficit as well with China [of] $400 billion, has a deficit with Europe [of] $600 billion, has a deficit with Latin America of $250 billion. That’s the world today.”


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