PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cable news host Andrea Tantaros broke down Donald Trump’s win in the Indiana primary that, when coupled with the exit of Ted Cruz from the presidential primary, almost assuredly locks up the nomination for the New York billionaire, saying that his win should be viewed as a clear message to Washington DC.

Tantaros, during an interview with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, stated she was on board with Trump since he declared his candidacy last year.


“Just across the country, I saw it breaking, the anger. They were furious and they wanted somebody to step in and fight for them. When Trump announced, they said I, kind of, like Trump, they were looking over their shoulders, like someone was telling an inappropriate joke. They looked over their shoulders and said I actually really like Donald Trump. I think you’re going to see more of those closet Trumpers. Now that he’s the nominee a lot of people are going to come forward and say I really think he’s on to something, even if he’s not the conservative that maybe I would’ve voted for. I think he’s going to pull in a lot of new voters.”

She thinks white men will coalesce around Trump now and be a formidable voting block in November.

“If you actually talk to real Americans, hey news flash, they’re hurting. They feel that the Republican party has left them behind. A lot of these men that are supporting Trump are part of an electorate that the Republican party desperately wanted, desperately, and couldn’t get. The last time they were able to galvanize them was with Ronald Reagan. They finally have a candidate that not only is untouchable to the media, which I think just incredible for someone running on the Republican ticket, but you have somebody who has captured the imagination of an all important electorate of men who feel like they don’t have voice, voters who feel like they’ve been left behind.”

Tantaros also criticized Hillary Clinton, alleging the former Secretary of State has no resume to run on.

“Her sole argument for becoming President of the United States is that she’s a woman. Thank you, Hillary. We hadn’t noticed. What else? She couldn’t name an accomplishment. She couldn’t even name an accomplishment when she was asked herself. Her surrogates are always stumped. I think that the best thing that Trump has going for him is the fact that she said she needs to bring Bill back on the campaign trail. Look at that. Feminist Hillary Clinton admits that she needs her husband.”