3pm- Can Donald Trump win the unbound delegate race?

3:15pm- Is there a growing #NeverHillary movement and could it result in a contested convention?

3:40pm- According to a new Rasmussen poll, Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in a general election.

4pm- Heidi Cruz mistakenly calls her husband an immigrant. 

4:15pm- Sports Radio 94WIP Program Director, Spike Eskin, joins the show to break down the 2016 NFL Draft and the latest on Curt Schilling. 

4:30pm- Polling data suggests that Donald Trump will beat Ted Cruz in tomorrow’s Republican Primary in Indiana.

4:45pm- According to a class action lawsuit, Starbucks’ iced coffee contains too much ice and not enough coffee.

5:20pm- Malia Obama has decided to take a year off from school before attending Harvard in 2017.

5:40pm- Cory Booker and Pat Murray, along with 16 other US Senators, have introduced legislation to outlaw “ex-gay” therapy under the grounds that is fraudulent.