By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — People typically try on clothes at the store before they buy them or have the option to return something if they change their mind about it later. That luxury hasn’t been available for permanent tattoos until now.

A new app called Ink Hunter lets users see what a tattoo would look like on different parts of the body by accessing the phone’s camera in real time or through saved photos.

Users can choose from more than 80 designs or upload their own sketch. After they choose a design they have to draw a “square smiley” face in pen where they choose to try it on. Once the app lines up with the smiley face and the image is displayed, users can manipulate its size, placement and darkness as it appears on the skin.

The camera option allows users to post their “tattoo” on social media where they can get input from friends and family before they decide to visit a parlor to make their ink permanent.