This truck sure has a lot of fans. At least it sure has many loyal followers who contacted me on Twitter or Facebook and insisted I check it out. So I did, finding the white-and-silver truck at Manayunk Streak Festival in early April.

Calle del Sabot has a simple Mexican menu – three tacos for $10. Chicken, roast pork, jerk chicken, Korean pork, veggie, coconut shrimp and al pastor (which is a Mexican take on Middle East schwarma).

2 Food Truck Review: No. 41

We ordered the chicken taco (decent), the Korean pork (spicy with pepper and nicely grilled), and the shrimp curry (excellent!). Give them points for serving up generous-sized tortillas and loading them up with meat and other zesty ingredients, including a sprinkle of cojita cheese. We can’t identify the pickled peppers that were on top, but they were damned delicious.

Score: 85/100

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