By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Love makeup, but hate the high prices?

In today’s 3 On Your side consumer report, we take a look at a growing internet trend that could help you save big on your favorite brands. But some say it’s risky business.

From deep red lipsticks to glittery eye shadow, when it comes to makeup there’s no shortage of variety. Although your budget may fall short.

Well thanks to the internet you can find deeply discounted makeup. But there’s a catch. It’s often used!

“Thought that’s a little alarming and strange but of course I want to try it,” said Kendall Rae.

Rae is talking about Glambot, a website that buys and sells used cosmetics.

“It was cool to be able to buy something like this that I wouldn’t normally be able to,” said Rae.

Glambot sells makeup at least 20% below retail. They purchase it from sellers with products they don’t like, or use, or want anymore.

The website accepts specific brands, that are at least half filled, and not expired. Karen Horiuchi, Glambot’s founder, says all containers are carefully cleaned.

“And we also remove the top layer of the product,” said Horiuchi.

There are plenty of positive product reviews, but not everyone has had a good experience. But you can also buy discounted, used products on other internet sites like You can even get it on Craig’s List.

But you won’t find Nicole Mchugh buying it there!

“No, I would not, nope I would not do that. That’s cazu. That’s like maybe buying used underwear,” said Mchugh.

“Oh that is particularly horrible. To buy from Craigslist is astonishing,” said dermatologist, Dr. Karen Harkaway.

Harkaway says saving money is never a good reason to buy used makeup.

“Absolutely not, it is simply not smart,” said Harkaway.

She says using unsterile products could cause a host of problems.

“We absolutely see pink eye. We see abscesses, then you have to drain,” said Harkaway.

She says if you want to save, switch to more affordable brands like you might find at your local drug store.

“Often times they’re just as good. Sometimes they’re not, sometimes the pigments aren’t as good. But I feel certain that you can find a make up that is new and appropriate and safe that you don’t have to spend your time on products that are gonna potentially harm you,” said Dr. Harkaway.