By Rahel Solomon

Exclusive story by Rahel Solomon

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We are now learning more about some terrifying moments for two children being chased by a dog in strawberry mansion.

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The attack happened yesterday morning and forced one of the children to go to Hahnemann Hospital with minor injuries.

Like any brother and sister, 9-year-old Isa Dicataldo and 11-year-old Ruqayya Nasir have their ups and downs.

“It was kind of sweet because usually we argue a lot,” said Ruqayya, whose brother was attacked by the dog.

But Thursday morning Ruqayya found herself being chased by a dog, while waiting for the school bus at 32nd and diamond.

“I was terrified,” Ruqayya said. “I was really scared.”

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It was her little brother Isa, who came to the rescue.

“I was just glad that my sister didn’t get hurt because I love her, she’s helpful to me,” said Isa, who was bit defending his sister.

It’s unclear who the mixed breed dog belongs to, but when Isa jumped in he became the dog’s target and was bit in the back. So little Isa, protector of his older sister, too needed some help. That’s when the neighbors stepped in.

“It sound like a bunch of kids outside screaming, so when I looked down the street. The little boy was being attacked by the dog , ran back in the house and grabbed my shovel,” the neighbor said.

Animal Control tells Eyewitness News, the dog was placed in quarantine for ten days. It appears no one has come forward to claim it. Isa says he still thinks about the dog when he’s outside but, perhaps to no surprise, says he’s not afraid.

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Isa says he is feeling much better and even went back to school on Friday. Meantime his dad tells me what’s next for Isa is that he will have to be treated with rabies shots as a precaution.