PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Donald Trump scored major victories in the Republican presidential primary, sweeping five states, including Pennsylvania, in the Northeast, but many conservative pundits are still predicting doom for the billionaire come the fall.

John Hayward, who writes for Breitbart, told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he does not believe claims that Trump will make up the polling deficit between him and Hillary Clinton with a rush of Bernie Sanders voters.

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“It’s an article of faith among Trump supporters that he’s going to pull a bunch of crossover Democrats and most of those people are going to be Bernie supporters or leaning Bernie type people, who among other things, really hate Hillary Clinton. That’s part of the thing about Bernie Sanders supporters. If you talk to them now, a lot of them will tell you they will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. They loathe her. She’s everything about corrupt politics they despise. They’re not telling the truth. They will vote for her. But the Trump supporters are convinced that those people are serious and that Trump can win them over.”

He also flatly rejected the claim that Trump will credibly compete in many traditionally Democratic states.

“I really don’t think there’s going to be any general election sweep of the Northeast for him. A lot of these states where he’s winning, it certainly matters in the Republican primary as far as delegates go, but in the general election, nobody can seriously think he’s going to win New York. That’s not going to happen.”

Stigall also spoke with AB Stoddard from The Hill who said Republicans are still vacillating between the choice of Trump and a convention floor fight led by Ted Cruz.

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“They’re deciding between someone, if you just look at the general election numbers, is completely radioactive and then someone who, at least they can say, is a principled conservative, even if they don’t think he’ll win in the general. It’s not easy. A lot of people really don’t even like Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has been caught in a lot of lies as well. He’s not some upstanding, sympathetic figure…Literally, they’re looking at someone who is going to double cross them and someone who they think is dangerous, not a Republican, all about himself, doesn’t do his homework, Lord knows what he’ll say tomorrow. But Ted Cruz is the devil they know.”

She predicted that many Republican Senators facing the challenge of running down ticket from Donald Trump will go out of their way to distance themselves from him.

“This is a really interesting question for the 24 Republican Senators in cycle, ten of whom, like Pat Toomey, represent states Obama won twice. It’s just not an easy re-election in any year, in any time, to run statewide in a state that elected a President from another party, but to do it when you have a potential general election candidate who faces 80 percent disapproval with young Latino and Black voters, 67-73 percent national disapproval with women, even among non-college white women, he has a 52% disapproval, and that’s his best demographic…I think that they’re really looking for a port in the storm. They’re going to separate if he is the nominee. They’re going to say I’m my own man. They’re just not going to own him.”


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