By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It looks like the Eagles are following the exact blue print they followed in 1999, which led to a decade of sustained success.

Playing the role of Andy Reid as the new coach, is Doug Pederson. Playing the role of Pederson as the backup mentor QB, Chase Daniel. And playing the role of Donovan McNabb, will be the No. 2 pick in Thursday’s draft — likely Carson Wentz, but possibly Jared Goff.

So what does McNabb think of the man slated to portray him?

“I don’t think these two quarterbacks are worthy of being the first or second picks. To me, they are mid to late round prospects,” McNabb said during an appearance on NBC Sports Radio via “Unless you tell me that Jared Goff is the next Aaron Rodgers, not because he went to Cal but because he can sit behind Sam Bradford, maybe that can work out. If Carson Wentz is a Ben Roethlisberger coming from a 1-AA school then maybe that can work out.”

The Eagles traded five picks to the Cleveland Browns for two, to get from No. 8 to No. 2 in this year’s draft. McNabb didn’t like the move.

“I don’t like it because I think the Eagles need much more help than just a quarterback,” McNabb said. “Every coach that comes into the NFL wants to be tagged to their quarterback, but they just signed Sam Bradford pretty much to be a guy to hold it down for a year or two. Doug Pederson may not have his job in three years.”

McNabb, the No. 2 pick in ’99, led the Eagles to five NFC Championship appearances and one Super Bowl appearance. The Eagles have not won a playoff game since McNabb’s departure.

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Whether the actor playing him in this Philly sports sequel is Wentz or Goff, number five doesn’t think the success will be repeated.

“When I came, the Eagles weren’t good,” McNabb said. “They had the No.2 pick and didn’t give up picks to get me. Sam Bradford is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for no reason. Chase Daniel was brought in to be the Doug Pederson that he was for me but he is going to be the backup and now he becomes the Koy Detmer. They are saying that this guy will be the starting quarterback for over a decade and lead you to the playoffs appearances and possibly a Super Bowl appearance. I can’t say that I can see that.”