PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Donald Trump will lose the Senate for Republicans and cost Pat Toomey his seat in Pennsylvania if he emerges from the convention and the GOP’s candidate for President.

Cruz, who talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, thinks a Trump candidacy will spell disaster for Republicans across the country.

“If Donald is the nominee, every blue state and purple state Republican running is in grave jeopardy and there’s nothing that can be done about it. The polling right now in the general election, Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump in Pennsylvania and Hillary and I are tied in Pennsylvania. If I’m the nominee, Pat Toomey gets re-elected. If Donald Trump is the nominee, the Senate is gone and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


He addressed an agreement reached with John Kasich’s campaign to coordinate their efforts in order to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the required 1237 delegates to seal the nomination, stating their intention is to stop Hillary Clinton from being elected as the next President.

“John Kasich and I disagree on many policy issues but we both agree on one thing, which is that Hillary Clinton being elected President would be a disaster for this country and that nominating Donald Trump ensures that Hillary wins. If Donald Trump is the nominee, Hillary wins by double digits. So, Governor Kasich’s campaign made the decision to pull out of Indiana and give us a clean shot at Donald Trump in Indiana and they’re focusing their resources elsewhere, and we are campaigning hard in Indiana.”

Cruz also discussed the importance of bringing the party back together when the nominating process is complete, saying he is focused on the same issues Trump voters care about and encouraged them to join his campaign.

“It is important for us to unify the party after the convention. That’s going to be a challenge, particularly if, when Donald Trump can’t earn a majority, he throws a fit, as is entirely likely, and if he blames the voters, as is entirely likely. I’m going to work very, very hard to unite the party. We’re seeing the party unite right now. Of the 17 candidates who started this race, five have endorsed our campaign…The issues at the heart of our campaign: jobs, freedom and security. My number one priority is job, economic growth, bringing jobs back to America, raising wages. Those are the issues that resonate with the Trump supporters and so I ask the Trump supporters to come stand with us as we are fighting for the issues that you care about.”