Chris previewed today’s Pennsylvania primary and discussed it with Tom Fitzgerald from Philadelphia Inquirer at 7:20, Surrogate for Ted Cruz and Senator from Utah, Mike Lee at 8:20 and presidential candidate Ted Cruz at 845.

6:19 Donald Trump campaigned in West Chester yesterday.

6:27 Rich Zeoli interviewed Donald Trump yesterday.

6:35 What’s Trending: Donald Trump on John Kasich, Michael and Kelly, Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump, Beyonce, Piers Morgan, Rachel Ray

7:00 Hillary Clinton campaigned at City Hall in Philadelphia last night.

7:20 Chris talks with Tom Fitzgerald from the Philadelphia Inquirer about today’s primary voting in Pennsylvania.

8:20 Chris talks with Utah Senator Mike Lee about his endorsement of Ted Cruz for President.

8:35 What’s Trending: Prince, Doug Flutie

8:45 Chris talks with presidential candidate Ted Cruz on primary day in Pennsylvania.