WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — The circus that surrounds the Donald Trump campaign made its way to West Chester University’s campus for a rally on the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary.

Trump fired up the crowd Monday by repeating his campaign slogan at least half-dozen times.

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“We’re going to make America great again,” Trump told supporters.

The GOP front-runner lashed out at candidates John Kasich and Ted Cruz for staying in the race despite being unable to reach the needed number of delegates to secure the nomination.

“I’ve been doing this for ten months, and these guys, they’re politicians all their lives, it’s all they do, and now they join forces,” Trump said. “That’s called collusion. In a lot of businesses — if you collude — it’s illegal. Only in politics can you do something like this.”

Before the doors opened, the line of Trump supporters on one side were chanting “build that wall,” while protesters on the other side chanted “love not hate.”

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Supporter Carl Strickland from Delaware County arrived more than eight hours before Trump took the stage to get a spot up front.

“I like his views,” Strickland said, “and I think he can bring America back from where we are right now.”

Jessica Mullaney from Media also lined up early to get as close to the stage as possible, supporting Trump because, she says, he’s his own man.

“He’s politically incorrect,” Mullaney said. “He says how he feels and that’s what we want.”

A handful of protesters during Trump’s speech were shouted down and escorted out without incident.


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