PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Syndicated Talk Show Host Glenn Beck alleged Donald Trump has long been seducing and attempting to manipulate high profile media figures in an effort to get and keep their attention well in advance of his announcement to run for President.

Beck related a story to Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about how he thinks Trump actively tried to beguile him before beginning his run to the White House.

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“He was courting as a presidential candidate. I just didn’t realize it at the time. He had, all of the sudden, become my pal, out of the blue, my pal. He invited my wife and I down to Mar-A-Lago…In a really weird, kind of, Howard Hughes thing, he was in the room right next to mine but we only talked to each other over the phone. He was literally 25 feet away. He said to me on the phone you are the guy that could unite the party and get all the tea party stuff and I just have so much respect for you. He would call me after shows, hey that was a great show. When my father died, he called me..he was very, very kind. I never thought anything of it, other than every time I hung up the phone with him, I’d look at my staff and say what the hell is that all about? Why is Donald Trump calling me? Then, when he announced that he was running, I realized that’s why Donald Trump [called]. Everyone that is in my situation has had the exact same experience.”

He recounted how Trump tried to do the same thing to an acquaintance of his, only to react negatively when the advances were rebuffed.

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“One of the guys who is from Iowa who played a big role in Ted Cruz’s win in Iowa, his son was sick and was going to New York and was in the hospital for treatment and they had to come back and forth to New York a lot. Donald found out about it somehow or another called and said you stay at my hotel any time. It’s not a rich family. I’ll take care of it. It was very nice and generous. However, once he said he was for Cruz, Donald released the deal that he was insisting that he stayed at his place for free and all these crazy charges about him.”

Beck thinks the presidential candidate’s affections were designed to do nothing more than become tools for his political ambitions.

“He is very good at making you feel special. I don’t know if you’ve ever met anybody like this but he walks into a room and you’re curious…He’s a very charming guy when he wants something. When he doesn’t, he becomes a brutal, brutal executioner.”

He also gave a detailed account of how connected Trump is within the upper workings of Fox News, and suggested that’s why the networks coverage has been so positive compared to other media outlets.

“When I was at Fox, I left. One of the main guys from the PR department, in fact, he was the main guy. He knew where all the bodies were buried. There’s another book out about Rupert Murdoch, the last chapter is the only two men that Rupert Murdoch fears and one was Roger Ailes and the other was the PR guy because Roger buries the bodies for everybody or says the bodies need to be buried and the PR guy buries them. When I left, this guy was really instrumental. Shortly thereafter, he left. It was an earthquake inside of Fox if you knew where the power was. This is a clash of titans: Roger Ailes and the PR guy. He made his rounds and called the New York Times and everybody and said I have information, we’re going to see how this works out, but I may be releasing quite a big story. Within in a couple of weeks, it just went away. There was an $8 million severance fee. Guess who brokered that deal? Sitting at the table was Roger Ailes and the PR guy, where the PR guy said this is what I have, this is what I want in return and the deal was brokered by none other than Donald Trump. All the cards at Fox are currently being held by Donald Trump.”

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