By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Carson Wentz is just days away from becoming the franchise quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, or so it seems.

Judging by his latest article for The Players’ Tribune, Wentz and Philly may be perfect for each other.

“You don’t get through winters with an average temperature of 12.8° without being a certain kind of tough — the cracked-skin-dried-blood kind of tough,” Wentz wrote.

“That toughness comes in handy in a place like North Dakota. You see, up there, jamming your numb fingers against someone’s ice-cold helmet happens every practice. Getting decked on the cement-like dirt is just how a play ends.

“And here’s the thing: I love it.”

There is plenty of debate over whether or not Wentz, 23, 6-5, 237-pounds will have NFL success after coming from NCAA Division-1 FCS North Dakota State. Wentz, however, does not lack confidence.

“So am I worried about whether I can have the same success at the next level?” Wentz wrote. “Of course not. I’m excited to show people exactly what I can do.

“After competing at All-Star games and the combine, I know that I have much more in common with guys who played FBS football than I have differences. Heck, we even beat a few of their teams while I was in college. Like I said before, football is football. At North Dakota State, I was taught to recognize the same zone pressures, blitzes, stunts and twists as the other guys in the draft. Our offense would run the ball with no receivers and then spread it out wide with five guys. We did it all.”