PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Every Pennsylvania voter will be asked a question on Tuesday’s primary ballot: Should Philadelphia Traffic Court be abolished? It’s a formality that will simply solidify something that’s already happened.

Traffic court was effectively abolished three years ago following a sweeping corruption investigation that led to guilty verdicts or pleas for seven judges and an administrator. Responsibilities were transferred to Municipal Court.

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But the old court is enshrined in the state constitution and Maida Milone of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts says the ballot question is needed to be sure it’s never revived.

“It’s been a scandal-ridden court for the last four decades,” she said. “This really represents an opportunity for the citizens of Pennsylvania to say no to favoritism to two tracks of justice.”

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However, not everyone will be happy to see it go. Democratic Party Chairman, Congressman Bob Brady, preferred the common touch of judges who needed no law degree.

“People who would run for traffic court would get the feel of the people by going out and trying to get elected,” Brady said. “People that get elected by the people have to get the feel of the people other than just young district attorneys down there making decisions.”

Brady says, though, the party is mounting no effort to save it.

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“I think it’s a foregone conclusion,” he said.