By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)– Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time filled the HUB student center at Penn State main campus on April 15 as students gathered to watch the big event.

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Even though that Friday marked the start of Blue and White Weekend, the students weren’t there to cheer on the football team—they were there rooting for their mentor, James Irvin and favorite advisor, Duquina Johnson.

“They were like ‘Ms. DQ,’” said Johnson. “I instantly knew when I saw [James]… I knew what it was.”

Dancing with microphone in hand, Irvin made his way from the top of the stairs. He stopped in time with the music and pointed to the students holding signs, one-by-one.

Do you remember the time…that we fell in love…November 14, 2014.

Johnson and Irvin met because of “their kids”—the group of students they mentor in the Gamma Nu chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

“You should not be single, Mama DQ. You are so wonderful… we are going to find you somebody,” Johnson recalled her students saying. “I didn’t know they were serious.”

The kids had a similar conversation with Irvin and even showed him a picture of Johnson on Instagram.

The pair met soon after at a scholarship event on November 14. Six months later they became an official couple.

duquina 2

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“She was a little apprehensive,” said Irvin, explaining some of Johnson’s reservations early-on because of some ongoing medical issues. “I let her know I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Eventually Irvin made his way down to the last step and signaled for the final sign.

Do you remember the time…April 15, 2016… when you were asked…to be my wife.

“You always used to tell me that you prayed for me and that I was the answer to your prayers but in reality you were the answer to mine. You are the wind that lifts me up when I’m down; you are the breath that I breathe; you are the shooting star upon which I wish every night; you are my everything. I just have one question to ask you… what are you doing for the rest of your life? And would you mind spending it with me as my lovely, beautiful wife?” Irvin proposed.

Amid screams and cheers from the students, she said yes!

Now a week later and on the anniversary of their first kiss, the couple says they’re looking forward to the future together and they’re hoping to set a wedding date for sometime in 2017.

In the meantime, Johnson is getting ready to move into Irvin’s Washington Township home in June.

“I’m looking forward to not have the distance,” noted Irvin on the 3.5 hours between Johnson’s home and his. “Looking forward to come home to my baby every day.”

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Johnson’s students are sad to see her go but ultimately just want to see her happy. And they wouldn’t mind if she found employment at Penn State Abington so she can stay in the Penn State family.