By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia restaurant is going to extravagant measures celebrating their anniversary. The food-filled celebration is also a fundraiser for Philadelphia area schools.

The 2nd annual Bourbon Bash takes place April 26th at Bank and Bourbon at 12th and Market Streets.

“It’s actually our second anniversary of our opening,” says executive chef Thomas Harkins, “but we tied it in to doing a big charity event.”

Harkins says it’s a fundraiser for

“We raise money to help the school teachers get supplies for their classrooms,” he says.

Last year, the Bourbon Bash raised $35,000 and Harkins says this year, their goal is $50,000.

“They would write us letters and tell us what they needed,” he says, “and we gave away a lot of great things, like laptops and overhead projectors, things as simple as -believe it or not – like, pencils and paper. I mean, that sounds crazy but that’s what some of the stuff was.”

$49.99 gets you unlimited bourbon, cocktails, wine, steak, porkchops, salmon, shellfish, charcuterie and more.

“We’ll have a big, huge, display of desserts that are coming out constantly, and cheese and ham,” Harkins says, “and it’s worth it. I mean, really, we should charge more!”

Afterwards, money is allocated to various schools so that they can buy classroom necessities.

“The kicker is when the kids write letters back to you saying thank you,” Harkins says. “I mean, it makes you well up a little bit!”

For tickets, call Bank and Bourbon restaurant at 215-627-1200.


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