Chris discussed Hillary Clinton holding a rally at the Fillmore, the Eagles trade to jump up to the second pick in next week’s NFL Draft, and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney banning city employees from using tax dollars to travel to North Carolina of Mississippi. He talked with authors and Donald Trump supporters Jeffrey Lord and Ann Coulter. He also spoke with Ted Cruz surrogate Carly Fiorina.

6:00 Hillary Clinton held a rally at the Fillmore yesterday.

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6:02 Clinton also talked with Jim Gardner from Channel 6 about gun violence.

6:20 Chris replayed his interview from Ted Cruz from yesterday morning.

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6:49 Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has banned city employees from using tax dollars to travel to North Carolina or Mississippi.

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7:00 Ben Carson opposes the idea of replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman.

7:20 Chris talks with Donald Trump supporter and CNN analyst Jeffrey Lord.

7:48 The Eagles traded with the Cleveland Browns to acquire the second pick in next week’s NFL Draft.

8:00 Chris talks to former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina about her support for Ted Cruz.

8:20 Chris speaks with author and columnist Ann Coulter about her support for Donald Trump.

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