By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Opinions are rampant.

From Twitter, to sports radio, to water coolers in offices across the Delaware Valley on Thursday morning, everyone is talking about the Eagles’ blockbuster trade to move up to No. 2 in the draft.

Well, no opinion is louder than the one from 26-plus year SportsRadio 94WIP Morning Show host Angelo Cataldi.

“I think it’s awful,” Cataldi said on Thursday. “I think the trade the Philadelphia Eagles made yesterday was brutally bad.

“It was extremely bold, we know that,” he continued. “Clearly, it was bold for one of either of two players, which is my number one concern. But my other number one concern, tied for number one, is Howie Roseman himself. Howie Roseman wasn’t even good at camouflaging his intention.”

Listen: 94WIP Morning Show on the Eagles’ Trade


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The Eagles will likely choose the quarterback the Rams do not take with the first pick and end up with Jared Goff or Carson Wentz at No. 2.

“Don’t you have to know who it is you’re getting and totally love that player?” Cataldi said. “How can you either or? How does that make any sense?

“I think I really know Howie Roseman and the way he thinks. And when Howie got sent into exile last year and was humiliated by what Chip Kelly did to him with the power play, he wasn’t doing a year’s research on how to do a better job at the draft or all that stuff. He was plotting on how to get back in charge and make Chip look bad. And what he did yesterday was precisely what Chip Kelly was unable to do a year ago with a far more likely-to-be-successful quarterback in Marcus Mariota.”

Cataldi’s co-hosts Al Morganti and Keith Jones agreed with Cataldi, for the most part.

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“The fact to me that you can say I was pepperoni or cheese — whatever it is — to me, it’s like this is the guy I want,” Morganti said. “Maybe they know and they’re not telling us…I’m like wow.”

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“The Danny Watkins thing,” said Jones, “I can’t get out of my mind. I just — I have big concerns about the guys that are making the trade.”

Rhea Hughes, however, approves of the trade.

“I remembered how much I couldn’t stand watching Sam Bradford,” Hughes said. “I’m on the yes side.”

Cataldi being critical of an Eagles’ No. 2 pick is nothing new, and not necessarily a bad thing for Eagles fans. After all, he was anti-Donovan McNabb back in 1999.