3pm – Ted Cruz: “Nobody is getting 1237” delegates

3:20pm – Kornacki Delegate Math: Trump at 1199; Could Use Unbound PA Delegates To Put Over 1237

3:25pm – Manafort: “There’s Not Going To Be A Second Ballot”

3:40pm – Move Over, Andrew Jackson. Harriet Tubman Is Coming to the $20 Bill.

4pm – The History of Andrew Jackson

4:30pm – Donald Trump Gets Delegate Boost From New York Win

4:35pm – CNN’s Tapper: Trump Victory Speech Shows He’s Become ‘More Disciplined’

4:50pm – Kevin Hines discussed his book, Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt.

5pm – Hillary Clinton wins New York Democratic primary, beating Brooklyn native Bernie Sanders

5:10pm – Sean Hannity erupts when Ted Cruz evades question

5:20pm – Snapchat under fire for Marley filter called blackface

5:30pm – Target: Use the bathroom of your ‘gender identity’