WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — A nun in Philadelphia has been found guilty of drunk driving in South Jersey.

Sister Kimberly Miller claimed she was “sleep driving” last November when she was arrested in Washington Township, Gloucester County after taking an Ambien with a glass of wine and had no idea how she got behind the wheel.

She had attended a book signing earlier that evening, and the store owner gave her a bottle of wine to take home. Police found a half empty bottle of wine in the back seat of Sister Kimberly’s car, and she had a blood alcohol level of .16 at the time.

The local judge, Martin Whitcraft, didn’t buy defense attorney Jeff Lindy’s argument of “pathological intoxication,” nor the story that Sister Kimberly and the bookstore owner offered in court.

“This judge said that a nun and a children’s book store owner were lying during their testimony,” said Lindy. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s stunning.”

They’re considering an appeal to Gloucester County Superior Court. The judge ordered Sister Kimberly to pay a fine and suspended her driving privileges in New Jersey for 3 months.

She remains suspended from her teaching position at Little Flower High School in North Philadelphia.