PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Heidi Cruz, the wife of presidential candidate Ted Cruz, championed his campaign and defended her husband against criticism for the way he is amassing convention delegates despite not winning the popular vote in some states.

Cruz, speaking with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said Ted is doing what it takes to succeed in a presidential campaign.


“The rules that under-gird the basic outline of the electoral process have been in place since 1860. Within that, we have a popular vote that elects delegates that go to a convention and as the field has narrowed, we’ve been uniting the Republican party. We’ve been doing it by meeting voters, by going to the state, by hosting numerous events a day, by filling our offices with phone callers and block walkers, that’s how you win elections. You win elections by doing that, not just by flying in on a private jet and hosting a big rally and flying right out. I think our campaign has built the groundwork to touch real voters and their talking to each other and that’s why Ted’s winning.”

She believes her husband is doing a better job of connecting with voters and criticized Donald Trump for his inability to close the deal after jumping out to a fast start in primary voting.

“The problem for the present front runner is that he has nowhere to grow. We have won the last five contests, before [the New York primary], all across the country, in very diverse party of the country, such as Wyoming, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, we’ve won states as far-flung as Maine to Alaska, down to Kansas and Texas. Ted has built a grassroots army and activated a grassroots army that was already there. Republicans are turning out in the millions to vote for Ted. They’re working hard. They’re doing the hard work that are elections and participating in the democratic process.”