Chris discussed Donald Trump’s latest gaffes on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton’s appearance with Stephen Colbert, and the crowd drawing a penalty against the Flyers during last night’s playoff loss against the Capitals. He talked with Politico’s Josh Gerstein about the Supreme Court’s hearing on President Obama’s immigration actions at and Richie Ashburn Jr about the 19th Annual Home Runs For Heart.

6:00 Donald Trump confused 7/11 and 9/11 during a speech yesterday.

6:01 Voting in the New York presidential primaries takes place today.

6:05 Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan introduced Donald Trump at a campaign rally.

6:10 During a radio interview, Hillary Clinton claimed she carries hot sauce with her everywhere she goes.

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7:00 Chris talks with Josh Gerstein from Politico about the Supreme Court case on President Obama’s immigration plan.

7:18 Stephen Colbert interviewed Hillary Clinton from the Carnegie Deli.

7:25 Media Matters highlights Chris’s comments on the ‘Day of Rage’ protests.

7:28 Hillary Clinton reaching out to PA’s black voters.

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8:50 Chris talks with Richie Ashburn Jr. about the 19th Annual Home Runs For Heart.