By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You’ve heard by now Donald Trump’s charges that the Republican primary process is rigged against him. He started this charge around the results of the Colorado election process last weekend and has now continued them to attack the whole process and declare whoever gets the most votes should be the Republican nominee.

You must know that’s not how our system works. We are not a democracy but a republic. I don’t like the Colorado system but Cruz won it because he studied it, personally spoke to their state convention and got his delegates elected. He did the same thing on Saturday at the Wyoming convention.

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I did the Lou Dobbs Show on Friday with a San Diego talk host who told us about their early voting and the massive effort Cruz has had in place there for months. He said the Trump campaign was not even on the radar screen. This is more evidence of what is going on.

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The election cycle now shifts to Pennsylvania and this Thursday at my nine to noon broadcast from Andy’s Diner on Ridge Pike in Conshy, I’ll have several of the candidates for delegate there to meet you and be questioned by you about who they will vote for if elected. I’m particularly interested in how they would vote on a second ballot and beyond.

I’m trying to give you the best chance possible to vote for the delegate that truly reflects your views. I am very suspect of the party endorsed people or those who won’t state which candidate they support. I will report how listeners feel after meeting with the delegate candidates. This is a unique opportunity.

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In addition to this meeting at Andy’s Diner, go to to see the responses I’ve gotten so far from delegate candidates.