PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — LeSean McCoy is back at it again, getting into Twitter fights.

McCoy, who was just recently not charged for his part in a brawl at Philly’s Recess nightclub, went after former Philadelphia 76ers Lou Williams on Twitter last night.

A teammate of Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, Williams was a part of Bryant’s historic 60-point finale on Wednesday which everyone in the sports world was seemingly watching and tweeting about, including the ex-Eagles running back.

But then, McCoy criticized Bryants’ teammates, specifically D’Angelo Russell and Williams.

Williams responded to McCoy after the game at 1:15 a.m. E.T.

McCoy took it one step further, tweeting at Williams: “U beat chicks.”

In 2013, McCoy had to delete his account because of a Twitter fight with his baby mama.