By Alexandria Hoff

By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Passengers are voicing their displeasure after long lines at airports have forced them to miss their flights. Now, the TSA is responding.

TSA is now advising that all travelers traveling domestically arrive two hours before their flights, which is more than twice as much as their previous suggestion. It’s too ease growing lines around the country, as well as here in Philadelphia.

In just one week last month, American Airlines says that a record number of passengers, about 6,800, missed their flights because of long wait times.

Federal provisions have stalled any further TSA staffing cuts for 2016, though Atlantic City International Airport has scaled back work hours. Without growth, TSA has struggled to meet needs called for by passengers and legislators.

“The recent terrorists attack in Brussels was a reminder of the dangers that exist,” said Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. “In fact, there have been at least 51, 51 hijacking attempts around the world since September 11, 2001.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, a spokesperson said the agency’s number one challenge is combating threats.

Summer brings more travelers, many of which are less experienced at PHL. The airport is using logistics to remedy congestion.

“Depending upon what flights are leaving, from which gate, try to balance the demand so that TSA is deployed in the best possible fashion,” said spokeswoman Mary Flannery.

For safety minded travelers, a wait, or even a missed flight is a small price to pay.

TSA is advising anyone, who wants expedited service, enroll in their pre-check program, which comes with a fee.

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