By Lynne Adkins

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — April 15th is normally the day your taxes are due. But good news, you can procrastinate a bit longer.

If you haven’t filed your federal taxes yet, don’t worry, you have until Monday according to Jennifer Jenkins, Pennsylvania IRS spokeswoman.

“This year everyone gets an extra 3 days at least to file because there is a holiday, called Emancipation Day, that is observed in Washington D.C., and when it falls on the 15th everyone gets an extra day or two, three days in this case, to file,” said Jenkins.

Taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts have until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday for them.

If you still won’t be ready on the 18th, file for a 6-month extension, but if you owe money you must pay it now.

“If someone’s not ready to file the complete and accurate return by the deadline that they at least file for an extension. An extension will get them an extra 6-months to file their complete and accurate return, so it’s through October 17th, but any taxes due are gonna be due on the deadline.”

If you don’t send in what you owe now, you will be penalized. Still most of us do get refunds of $2800 on average.