It takes balls in this town to get into the business of selling a product that 200 restaurants can serve up deliciously. So give credit to Michael Antinore for creating one terrific meatball that sells out of the back of this red truck whose exterior has a picture of his Italian grandmom looking down.

They’re $5 for a single-ball sandwich on a fresh brioche slider roll, or $13 for the three-baller. Pricy yes, but generous in size and amazingly good in taste. Creative, too. Each comes with a melted glob of cheese in the middle, a reward, let’s say, like the chocolate middle of a Tootsie Pop.


We slobbered over the “Rocky Ball-boa,” a mix of sweet sausage, sautéed pepper and onions, stuffed with mild provolone and topped with arugula, parmesan, peppers, onions and marinara.

Equally fun was the “Rabe Father,” a mix of ground turkey and broccoli rabe, stuffed with asiago cheese and topped with the same mouth-watering mix. The good part is that they let you mix and match from the four or five daily offerings, and your toughest challenge may be deciding which ones to leave off your three-ball sandwich.

Mama’s Meatballs is a great find, a contender for the title. Find its locations on Twitter at @MamasBalls. Really, go find it. You’ll thank me.

Score: 94/100

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