PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It could be the end of a reign of terror in one North Philadelphia neighborhood.

A law enforcement task force has arrested several alleged gang members who are accused of shocking violence.

Two North Philadelphia gangs allegedly turned a neighborhood into a war zone for four months in 2014. There were 13 separate shootings, nine people shot, one person murdered, including an innocent victim.

The gangs would allegedly open fire on each other whenever they saw someone they thought deserved to be shot.

Authorities say the gang members would use tattoos and t-shirts to identify the members of each respective gang.

One of the gangs was known as “TNT,” which stood for 10th and Thompson Streets.

District Attorney Seth Williams tells CBS3’s Walt Hunter, “All of them working together resulted in these 15 people being taken off of the street for 13 horrific crimes. The information we received, listening to them boast about ‘the party last night’ in reference to having shot people, or someone passed the test, meaning they shot someone at least six times. It’s just ruthless, heartless and unconscionable.”

The DA says the 15 suspects could apparently get as many guns as they needed. Ten guns have been confiscated so far.

The reason for this violence, the DA says, in 2014 one gang member felt insulted by another in a fight over a woman at a bar.

All of the suspects have been charged with murder or attempted murder. The suspects range in age from 18 to 38.