3pm – Donald Trump meets with Megyn Kelly at Trump Tower

3:05pm – RNC member predicts: Trump can win with 1100 delegates

3:30pm –  Daily News Political Columnist John Baer discussed his article, Oh the taxes that we pay.

4pm – Greg Lukianoff, President and CEO of FIRE, discussed  free speech on Campus and his film, CAN WE TAKE A JOKE?

4:15pm – What movie/television show would not be produced today due to Political Correctness?

4:30pm – Thomas Jefferson Quotes: On His Birthday

4:50pm – Trump To Make 2 Stops In Pittsburgh, Protests Planned

5pm – Rubio to Levin: “The Only one who fits… is Ted Cruz”

5:25pm – The Trump family townhall was very, very entertaining

5:30pm – Heidi Cruz Shares Personal Side of Life With Ted In Megyn Kelly Interview

5:35pm – Spike Lee produces new ad for Bernie Sanders

5:50pm – How much is a pet dog worth? A court will soon decide.